Deploy LangChain SaaS in a day!

The SaaS template to build and deploy document chat apps. From idea to production in no time.

Stack Used

Building ChatPDF SaaS has never been easier!

A complete SaaS template with integrations to Stripe, Flowise (no-code Langchain), Zep Memory Store, Pinecone, Cohere, and UnstructureIO. Includes sections for chatting with an individual document, chatting with a knowledge base, and generating document summaries.

Create AI Chatbots for your Documents

Upload multiple file types including PDF, DOCX, JSON, CSV, and webpages. Documents uploaded by users are stored in Bubble, upserted to Pinecone using Flowise, and available for chat.

Knowledge Base Chat for Multiple Documents

Users can select multiple files at once to create a chatbot over all of the selected documents.

Preview, Chat, and Share

Preview PDFs and Webpages, chat with the documents, and embed them on any website. Chat is formatted in a markdown format similar to ChatGPT to render code, tables, section headers etc.

A Feature Rich Template

User Auth with Bubble to handle Signup, Verify, Signin, and Password resets.

Stripe payment setup to handle checkouts, cancellations, and upgrades.

Routes to upload, and delete documents to Bubble and to Pinecone

Ability for users to update account and payment settings

API connections setup for Cohere, Pinecone, and UnstructuredIO

Embed code for users to add a chat widget to their websites

Flowise API setup to call multiple LLMs, Vector DBs, Chains, Agents, etc.

Ability to modify the template with ease in a no-code fashion

Setup Walkthrough Video

Things to know before you make a purchase

Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions at

What is LangSaaS?

LangSaaS Template allows you to create a SaaS app for a personalized AI chatbot trained on your data. This Bubble template is preconfigured with integrations to Stripe, Flowise, Pinecone, Cohere, and UnstructuredIO

What knowledge should I have to use and customize this template?

You need to have intermediate-level knowledge of Bubble and Flowise which includes:

- Familiarity with bubble canvas, API connector, workflows, data privacy, and databases.

- Familiarity with Flowise for building LangChain-based flows

If you are not familiar with these, it is highly recommended to learn at

How does deploying the template work?

A detailed video walkthrough is provided. You can also join the discord server for any questions or discussions at

What is the benefit of using LangSaaS template?

This template comes with pre-built configurations to take care of hours of development work. You still need to make some changes as shown in the walkthrough video.

Will there be additional work before deploying this template?

Yes, there is some work left for the template owner to configure before deploying:

- Configure pricing plans based on what you would like to charge users for

- Configure data privacy, security, and data retention policy when a user uploads, edits, or deletes data

- Configure styles, fonts, colors etc. based on your preference

Are there any recurring charges?

There are NO recurring charges from the template. But the Bubble, Flowise, Zep, Openai, Pinecone etc. setup will have their own usage charges.

Looking for a Next.js/Python LangSaaS Template?

Coming soon...